Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Progress + A New Addition

What is this, you ask? Our chicken barn is nearing some stage of completion and now we have a "wing". Haha! I kill me. Anyway... Here are the ladies. The run isn't finished, but as something was eating them in their old home we decided we'd rather have chickens in cramped spaces than no chickens at all. (And no, this time is isn't the Bad Dog.) Here they are eating the corn that the dear didn't eat...

Ok. I would like to brag on Adam. The coop was one thing, but this is a whole other. He built the addition in two hours. For us, that is good. Eli, from the post below, called yesterday and asked Adam if he still wanted a dominicker rooster. Adam, of course, says yes. I then say, "Well dude, where are we gonna put him cause he's NOT goin in with my hens". He says, "Of course not, we're gonna put him in the rooster pen." This being news to me say, "What rooster pen?" and he says, "The one I'm gonna build. We talked about this baby." Oh me of little faith...

Here is the big guy. He's pretty, isn't he?

We finished up as the sun went down. And I do mean we. As soon as I finished teaching I hauled backside down there to help.

Slightly confused, but fairly happy rooster, I think.

Very tired, but happy and satisfied husband.

He didn't stay on the perch long. Our predator(s) made an appearance. Big boy here slept in the back corner of his uncompromised pen, though, and made it through the night. Anymore this is a huge accomplishment for a chicken around here!!!!

Happy day to all of you!!! Don't forget to smile... Smiling is a very important thing.

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