Saturday, July 18, 2009

Music Farm is Moving...

I'm so sorry it has been so long! We're moving the blog to another server. Please click on the link below to visit. Thanks and love and smiles for all.

Malinda and Adam

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Crow Never Crowed

and so we're roosterless again. Well, technically we have three, but they are still growing and not crowing. :) I can't remember if I've shown you the "chicken barn", but this is what it looks like right now. Except Adam put an actual door on the rooster pen there on the side. We have to finish the roof, but as I am laid up with a screwed up back right now it will continue to look like this for a while. This is a happy and tired us from one evening last week.

I hope you have been remembering to smile. It is very important for the world to see that grin of yours!!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Smithville Part 2

There are David and Adam... There is Billy Jean in the overalls playin' the fiddle. See the three guys all the way to the right behind the bass player? They are the people we met and ended up jammin' with for such a long time. They were really fun guys and girl. Their bass player friend, not pictured, was an awesome lady. Very friendly and she kindly hollered out chord changes now and then for me since it was fairly (well, REALLY) obvious that I knew not what they were playing most of the time. We'll see them again on Saturday at Uncle Dave Days.
This kid cracked me up. He had to be 7 or 8 if he's a day and he jammed on the guitar. Actually, he was his dad's accompanist...

I know NOT these people, but I love how the dude with the hat playing the guitar is gettin' down! The man in the blue shirt had a beautiful fiddle. It was carved on the back and dark and sooooo pretty...

There is Billy Jean again. We'll also see him and his friends at Uncle Dave Days...

The boy on the right was seven and rocked out on his mandolin...

Don't know her, but she was cute and played her fiddle very well.

This guy's guitar was a limited edition Martin. It says WSM Grand Ole Opry. I thought it was neat lookin'.

The boy in his element.

And me in mine... see Adam taking my picture?

have a great day!!!

Monday, July 6, 2009


We had fun. To say the least. Our friend, David - there on the left, went along and had so much fun with us!! I ended up with a blister on my thumb from playing. We met some really cool new musician friends and are looking forward to seeing them at Uncle Dave Macon Days on Saturday. I knew maybe 10 of the songs that we played along with all day. I played a fiddle song on the fiddle that I only know on the guitar and played in the key of F when everyone thought I'd quit playing along because I was a "fiddle player". Adam and David really got to have some good jammin' fun and enjoyed all of the new songs, as well. The weather was so nice... hot, but mild for July 3rd in Tennessee!!
g'night (or morning, depending on when you read this)

Saturday, July 4, 2009


As a semi-newly married person (almost 7 years), I appreciate the tradition Adam and I have upheld for quite a few years now. We never go all out or anything, but on the 4th we do get sparklers... and oddly packaged noise makers... (this one was supposed to crow like a rooster - of course we had to buy two!)

and I am partial to the "showers of sparks"...

we both love these...

and these....

We also sang some patriotic songs on the deck. We only know one verse of My Country Tis of Thee and vow to do better next year on the songs.... and the fireworks!!

Friday, July 3, 2009

I love how he loves our animals...

It is hard when you don't know exactly what is wrong with your animals. We have a chicken health handbook and my Adam has narrowed the possibilities down to 2 or 3 things. Crow seems to be doing a little better, but still no crow...

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Time for Fun...

This is our friend Billy Jean. We'll jam with him and his friends tomorrow at the Smithville Jamboree. I snapped this picture last year on the 4th.
Please be safe this weekend, my American friends and family!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

His Name is Crow

Because he hasn't yet. Crowed, that is. I think he is depressed. I'm serious, here. Chickens go into shock for lots of reasons. This guy was transported to one place, then was in transit for a while, then came to our house. It was hot that day and we think he is having a rough time adjusting to life here at our crazy little almost farm. (Adam says it isn't really a farm unless you have 4 legged livestock... that are not dogs and cats :)

ANYWAY... ol' Crow here is just sitting in his delux rooster house and sometimes standing and drinking water. He has eaten a little so that is good. Adam says he doesn't want to get attatched to him in case he doesn't make it. Ha! He already is - and I think Crow is gonna be fine. He just needs a few days to get used to the place. He can here the chickens next door, so the plan for today (yesterday's plan was ears of corn and that didn't work) is for him to meet some ladies. He is going on a double date today!!
Happy day to you!!!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Progress + A New Addition

What is this, you ask? Our chicken barn is nearing some stage of completion and now we have a "wing". Haha! I kill me. Anyway... Here are the ladies. The run isn't finished, but as something was eating them in their old home we decided we'd rather have chickens in cramped spaces than no chickens at all. (And no, this time is isn't the Bad Dog.) Here they are eating the corn that the dear didn't eat...

Ok. I would like to brag on Adam. The coop was one thing, but this is a whole other. He built the addition in two hours. For us, that is good. Eli, from the post below, called yesterday and asked Adam if he still wanted a dominicker rooster. Adam, of course, says yes. I then say, "Well dude, where are we gonna put him cause he's NOT goin in with my hens". He says, "Of course not, we're gonna put him in the rooster pen." This being news to me say, "What rooster pen?" and he says, "The one I'm gonna build. We talked about this baby." Oh me of little faith...

Here is the big guy. He's pretty, isn't he?

We finished up as the sun went down. And I do mean we. As soon as I finished teaching I hauled backside down there to help.

Slightly confused, but fairly happy rooster, I think.

Very tired, but happy and satisfied husband.

He didn't stay on the perch long. Our predator(s) made an appearance. Big boy here slept in the back corner of his uncompromised pen, though, and made it through the night. Anymore this is a huge accomplishment for a chicken around here!!!!

Happy day to all of you!!! Don't forget to smile... Smiling is a very important thing.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Huck Finn

So we went to visit Eli, Adam's guitar student. He keeps busy, this one. He raises chickens, goats, rabbits and I'm sure other animals that I am forgetting and breeds them. Ha! This little rabbit will be around 30 to 40 pounds when it is full grown...
And if you know me at all, you'll know that I was REEEAAAALLLLLLY happy to visit the goats.

Here are the banty chickens. They are tiny. and full grown...

I think this is Ruby the mule. She was very pretty and TALLLLL.
The white horse is Wayne and I think the brown one is Roany (I didn't ask him how he spelled his name...).

That is Paul. I rode him and he was very nice to me. Didn't try to knock me off by riding under trees (like Roany did to Adam... just had to throw that in there) and was very understanding of my lack in riding ability. I like Paul. (Really, Cheryl, his name was Paul. I giggled a lot to myself about that during the ride.)

That is my husband swinging from a rope thirty feet above solid ground. Nough said.

Spring fed trough for horses...

and boys... (he's making it clean to drink out of...) :)

Hence the smiles. That is Kelly there with Adam. This woman deserves some sort of medal. She is an awesome mom.


Thank you, Paul, for letting me ride you. You were a very nice horse...

And thanks to our new friend. We had fun, Eli!! Thanks for showing us your world. We really liked it.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Friday, June 26, 2009

to be continued...

I went horseback riding

with Huck Finn today...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Stiff, Sore, and Happy

The new coop. I told him we should just call it a chicken BARN. That is what it looks like to me. My Lovin' Husband does nothing in half measures. He just doesn't always measure... :) I don't encourage him to, either. Then we'd NEVER get done... Things like this amuse me. A bee in the beebalm. That makes me happy. Do you think that when beebalm was first called beebalm it was for this reason? I mean, bees like other flowers, too, right? So why was this plant INPARTICULAR called beebalm? Maybe they liked these flowers more than any other. I don't know. I'll have to look it up.
Peas for next year.

I am going to put a weathervane on the roof and hang a metal windchime from the "predator perch" as Adam calls it. I don't know why. I mean it's not like there is a cat climbing on the new coop as I type or anything... ;)

Squash, corn, sunflowers... and BoJangles. Let us not forget him... The garden is coming along nicely. We have been weeding like fools and have clean beds to show for it. Not pictures, though, because my backside was right next to Adam's and we weeded and weeded. We weeded so much that when I close my eyes I can see them!

We're off to a town far away to teach a boy who is learning to tear up the guitar. It takes both of us and that kid can flat play.. He is going to be a very versatile musician (already is) when he finishes growing up. I've never been so happy to have to leave and go teach. The weeds can just sit there and wait on us til tomorrow while we have fun with the kid and his guitar.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


It has been hot. HOT. Warm. 105 heat index and humidity through the roof kind of hot. We are getting used to the heat and working like crazy, but still. It is notably hot. These turnips were hot - we decided to have mercy on them and pull them up yesterday. Adam ate two of them for lunch today. Pretty, aren't they? The beans are hot... and hungry...and thirsty

Same for the watermelons here...

He so loves his garden.

Mondo says see you tomorrow...

dulce swuenos....sweet dreams