Wednesday, July 1, 2009

His Name is Crow

Because he hasn't yet. Crowed, that is. I think he is depressed. I'm serious, here. Chickens go into shock for lots of reasons. This guy was transported to one place, then was in transit for a while, then came to our house. It was hot that day and we think he is having a rough time adjusting to life here at our crazy little almost farm. (Adam says it isn't really a farm unless you have 4 legged livestock... that are not dogs and cats :)

ANYWAY... ol' Crow here is just sitting in his delux rooster house and sometimes standing and drinking water. He has eaten a little so that is good. Adam says he doesn't want to get attatched to him in case he doesn't make it. Ha! He already is - and I think Crow is gonna be fine. He just needs a few days to get used to the place. He can here the chickens next door, so the plan for today (yesterday's plan was ears of corn and that didn't work) is for him to meet some ladies. He is going on a double date today!!
Happy day to you!!!

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@wesome@bby said...

LOL....deluxe rooster house...has crow crowed yet? maybe he will crow the day i finally decide that operation: WHO is successful...that's it...he's waiting on me.....I'll try to get on with it..but really, it's become quite the tedious process. i pretty sure than any mileage i've gained went down the drain when he said to me today, and I quote..."my secretary made me look like an idiot..." what do YOU think? maybe Crow needs to reside out side of WHO's window...and then learnt to CROW at the buttcrack of d-a-w-n. LOVE YOU.