Monday, June 23, 2008

Catapiller, Caterpiller, Cattapiller...Capatiller...ummm, I just don't know (yet should)...

I wonder where he's going...
What are YOU lookin' at???
Well, would ya look at that? He sure is hangin' on but good, isn't he? I feel like that sometimes, don't you...just hangin' on...where it stops, nobody knows!

Friday, June 13, 2008

it is what it is...

Adam told us at youth group the other night that when he thought of God, he thought of a sky full of clouds. I took these pictures a couple of days ago. When I saw them tonight, the first thing I thought of was what the Lovin' Husband had said last Sunday evening.
He said, "Try taking a picture of a sky rollin' with cain't never capture the whole sky in a single shot."
I didn't edit these photos....they are what they are...
This is another "sky" shot to me...see the sunshine??

Saturday, June 7, 2008

A Lovely Moth...

I took these pictures of our lovely moth friend while waiting on Mr. Bee (below) to decide the pollen was worth it even if a giant creature (me) was standing there watching him check out the apperently yummy flower.
She is a dainty little thing...and no, I don't know if she is actually a she, but she looks like a she to me.


Fun Fact #1 - I love bees...big ones, tiny ones, medium sized ones. I think what they do is neat. Their purpose is huge and they take their jobs so seriously. This one tried to chase me off, but I was patient and he settled down nicely to his pollen sampling after a few dive bombs in my direction. (See the tiny bee, too?)
Fun Fact #2: Our bee model here is sampling some "Bee Balm". Other than just being pretty, this plant (the leaves) was also used as a tea (called Oswego Tea) for American Indians and Colonists in the early days of our country (I read that somewhere). It is in the mint family, so the tea thing makes sense to me (Read that somewhere, too). It also comes in a variety of colors and grows wild in the Appalachian mountains (and all over, but I have SEEN it growing wild there). This particular Bee Balm is not in the mountains - it is in my garden! Fun Fact #3: Did I mention I like bees?

Monday, June 2, 2008

String Fling III

Jacey and I after warm up...
Paul and Adam did a good job of entertaining Madelyn (left, Paul's girl) and Jordan during the downpour before we played.
Many of our friends came to see us and I unfortunately didn't get a picture of all of them, but I love this one of Cheryl, Maddie, and Paul Pitney. Aren't they a good lookin' family??
Another one of me and the BEST chick mandolin player ever. Gotta love that girl...and she did SOOO GOOD!!!

That is me on the left. Adam is in the middle and our very good friend David Liggett on the right.
I LOVE this picture... (above)

That is my dad in front of the personal #1 fan along with my you Daddy...