Saturday, August 23, 2008

A Random Poem (without form)...and a Random picture (that has nothing to do with the poem)


stretched out, faded -
Heaven is a tattered
light-blue terrycloth bathrobe.
"Big enough for anyone", they say.
Jesus is the shepard down the road/
the one with the white dog and all the goats...
sheep don't fare well this far south.

Friday, August 22, 2008

So, I'm Stuck on Haikus...

to You

love so deep and wide

my heart is tied to you, babe...

I LOVE you, sweet. mine.

untitled (so I guess we all know who did this one)

Dadgum syllabyls.

Don't do what you want em to.

Nothing lines up write...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Haikus for Yous


cherry red sunshine
humid summer day - endless
electric blue sky


honduran rosewood
back and sides, adairondack
spruce top - my guitar

sooooo.... you tell me. Which haiku did I write, because Adam wrote the other one. :)

...and a good night to you all! Love!!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

So I realized that usually I post pictures of things close....

So here is a different perspective, I guess. Not sayin it's better....or not better - just different. This is the view from Neighbor Stan's patio. Ours is much the same, but with a hill to the right.
Now why do you think I like this picture?? :)
That is the view of the sky from Neighbor Stan's patio, but ours is much the same...

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Pictures Worth Words...


Just picture me on the couch with the guitar instead of Gypsy on the couch with the guitar and you'll pretty much have a good idea of many a practice with the good friend David.
You might wonder why the good friend Dave is lookin' at Adam that way...
ahhhh....fiddle solo time.....
I just love this guy.
Violet does too.... Just look at how she adores him.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

So I was lookin' through my picutures from March '08...

...and this is what I found. Bulldogs are an endless source for entertainment with one's camera. I have more pictures of Maggie, I think, than any of my other sweet puppies. More to come on Maggie for sure....but for now, let us continue on this post of randomness...
Here we have my neighbors daffodills (or as Big Sis Abby says, buttercups). These are not neighbor Stan's (see a couple of posts down) daffo-cups. They are Richard's butter-dills. Richard is our neighbor that lives twenty or some odd miles away, but owns some land next to us. So technically he is, in fact, our neighbor - of sorts. Long story short, I liked the posies (that is what my Dear Ole Dad would calll them) and the barbed wire in the same pic and then the old wheel lends an air of, well...oldness. Not to mention the cool stump that used to be a pretty tree, but it is doin' good as a stump, too. So there's that. I had a lot to say about that one...
What is this you ask...
Oh! Chicken food...mmmmm...(at least to the lovely lady atop the bucket). Ummm, please don't look at the mess....Mess? What mess? I don't see a mess. {bashful grin}
The end...

Friday, August 1, 2008

Pretty Penny

A hound dog puppy, who really is a holy terror, and not ever this calm at all UNLESS she is laying in this chair. I shouldn't say any of that because she really is a good dog, but she drives all of us crazy with her puppy/hound dog energy. The bulldog even gets annoyed with her. What is up with that?? So... I thought I would memorialize a quiet Penny moment so that I may look back on it when she is driving me crazy... I do adore her, though.

She reminds me of my Grandpa Painter is what it is, I think. Why I love her so much. He always had coon dogs and loved them soooo much. I think he talked more to them than he did anybody, probably. Whenever Adam meets someone from around here and tells them where we live, they know who my grandpa was -- and that he loved his hound dogs....